Sometimes less is most definitely more. This is certainly the case with Punta Sayulita. The cornerstone philosophy of Punta Sayulita is one of creativity and sustainability. Creativity starts with this peninsula and what nature and circumstance provided; by limiting the amount of development on the site, more of the natural terrain was preserved and opportunities were created for all residents to enjoy the dramatic views, rocky shoreline, and virgin jungle. Careful planning has created plenty of places where people can gather, while ensuring that every family can enjoy ample privacy. Taking our inspiration from the rich texture of the local culture, we have attempted to make Punta Sayulita a natural extension of the existing village. We not only want to be good stewards of the land, we also want to be good neighbors. We aim to accomplish this through thoughtful development, conservation of natural resources, and the formation of the Punta Sayulita Foundation which channels voluntary funding and support to important local and regional initiatives.

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