Land Plan

Punta Sayulita occupies 33-acres on a dramatic peninsula with impressive changes in elevation. By respecting the land, keeping the community small and implementing eco-sustainable and green practices where possible, Punta Sayulita has designed a site-appropriate and sensitive land plan that honors the earth. In planning the community, hilltops were purposely left open to minimize the development's visual impact and to create observation areas with 360 degree views that could be shared by everyone. Instead of carving large roadways into the land, a network of cart paths connects all elements of the development. Homes are nestled into the landscape and natural vegetation and topography is used to screen each home from others to ensure privacy and avoid any obstruction of view corridors. The decision was also made to develop fewer units than allowed to keep the scale intimate. A trail system runs throughout the community connecting homes, amenities and points of interest. The resulting land plan is low in density, respectful of the land and native culture, and rich in the abundance of natural and man-made amenities.

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